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Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Sometimes I wonder.

A friend of mine arrived recently from the USA with a wrist watch telephone. I said that it reminded me of Dick Tracy, the popular old comic strip which became a movie starring Warren Beatty in the early 1990s.

My friend looked at me as if he were a dog, I’d just showed a card trick.

Who is Dick Tracy?

Who indeed?

The very idea that the wrist, the traditional 20th-century place of residence for the watch would become the home of the phone, is exactly what the Dick Tracy world predicted. The idea that this phone would also be a computer stronger than what NASA had to put men on the moon… That is just bizarre.

So we live with these bizarre miracles as a matter of course. Plane flight. Amazing cars. Plenty of excellent clothing and good prices. Stuff from all over the world readily available for purchase… all over the world.

My friend with the Dick Tracy watch doesn’t see this though. He’s only 30 and to him all of this is normal. No big deal. He can’t imagine the pre-90s world where dinosaurs (like me) strode the earth.

Likewise, I can’t believe that History, to him, is a subject you google. He also doesn’t know that the title of this piece is from an old song by Chicago. He also has never heard of Chicago.

Not the town. The band.

I told him to Google it.

We live in a time of miracles.

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