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The Irony Bowl: Georgia vs. Alabama

The game is about to start in Atlanta. And the irony is palpable. Let’s look at how and why.

  1. It’s Kirby Smart (did that surname) versus his mentor, Nick Saban, The Great Saban as he is ironically called. It is the student against the teacher–Smart coached defense for Saban in all the Alabama wizard’s previous title matches with the Crimson Tide.
  2. There is also the irony of neighboring states in the same conference playing for the NCAAF title. The rest of the country is shut out.
  3. Georgia is playing in their home state.
  4. Both teams play basically the same defense.
  5. Georgia like the home city Falcons of the NFL, who played the Patriots in last year’s Super Bowl are playing for the title against the leading dynasty of the time in their respective leagues.
  6. Georgia is starting a freshman. Alabama started a freshman last year in the title tilt against Clemson. (Yet another freshman would come on to win the game for Alabama.)
  7. Alabama has a history of winning big games against Georgia. Heck against everyone. so even is Georgia is playing a virtual home game, Alabama is a 3.5 favorite on most books.
  8. Alabama would win by three points.
  9. alabama got the lucky breaks. Just like New England did in the 2017 Super Bowl. It is very hard to beat great coach combined with Lady Luck.

Back to the game. Bama is driving after a lucky interception on Georgia’s first possession . . .

Bama missed a field goal. Georgia doesn’t capitalize, punts to the Tide.

Georgia stops the Tide and Michel gets a first down on 3rd and 5 with 5 minutes left in the first quarter . . .

Michel gets five and Chub gets 2. 3 and 3 and Bama jumps. Bulldog first down.

Fromm finally connects with Ridley for a first down and Georiga is moving the ball.

Sack puts Fromm out of Field goal territory. Michel rips off a big run down inside the Bama 15

Michel ruled to have stepped out at 26 but this is not confirmed by the replay. Still. Odd.

End first quarter. No score.

Georgia nails 41-yard field goal.

3 zip

Georgia holds Bama 3 and out.

Punt to Hardeman. Clip. Georgia starts deep in their own end. And the clock rolls on. It’s a slow game. . .

The first quarter took nearly three-quarters of an hour . . .

This is a slugfest.

Georgia has driven out almost to the 50. Long 3rd now.

Fromm drops back and hits Ridley! At the 30.

And now Fromm hits Javon Wims to the 10.

Chubb stuffed. And now incomplete to Wims

And now incomplete to Michel. Fromm hit . . . he just missed it

Field goal. Georgia 6 zip.

Bama moving now.. . Hurts rips off a long run. Next play a sack . . . Bama to punt . . .

Georgia starts deep in their own zone back at the five . . .

They work the ball out slowly but Bama is tough. Georgia has to punt.

Bama gets nowhere. Punts

Georgia drives and scores. . . Hardeman run.

13 zip.

halftime Georgia has a lot more yards of offense than Alabama.

One of the worst halftime shows ever . . . but never mind . . . who was that moron?

Bama receives the kickoff. Bama has a new QB. Georgia holds them with a sack on 3rd down.

Bama punts, Blocked. Georgia offsides. Replay is questionable. Another break for Bama

But they still punt.

Gave up here out of sheer nervous exhaustion with the smell of triumph in my nostrils.

Of course Georgia like the Atlanta Falcons before them managed to snatch defeat from

the jaws of victory. The irony of ironies . . .

Wait. what?
















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