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Love Lviv

Lviv, Ukraine, Easter Sunday, April 8, 2018


We had Easter last week. This is Orthodox Easter Sunday. I’m writing this in the Hotel Lviv in the center of the city on a beautiful bright morning, which promises heat and a long comfortable day, the last light fading at about 8 pm.  The room I rented from is a mistake. It’s not big enough to swing a cat in. I know this because I always carry a cat for these purposes.


In the minuscule bathroom, my shoulders rub against the walls when I use the sink. Comfortable. Do no go gentle into the Hotel Lviv. My usual haunt the Hotel George was full up. Too bad. I dig it there, where they have many times made me feel like a king.

Now out in the city. It’s only two hours till the driver whisks me back to the border 80 kilometers away . . .

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